Issues in Nigerian English Usage(2000)

Uyo, Scholars Press Ltd

About the Book

      General Introduction
      0.1 The Message/Objective
      0.2 The Text
      0.3 Review Questions

      1. Linguistic Orphans
      1.1 English and Englishes
      1.2 Nigeria English: Nuisance or Necessity
      1.3 Review Questions

      2. The Language Situation in Nigeria
      2.1 Preliminary Comments
      2.2 Multilingualism
      2.3 Bilingualism
      2.4 Monolingualism
      2.5 Problems caused by the Language Situation in Nigeria
      2.6 The National Language Question
      2.7 Review Questions

      3. Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis and the Nigerian Situation
      3.1 Explanation
      3.2 The Validity of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis in the Nigerian Situation
      3.3 Review Questions

      4. The English Language: General/Specific Variation
      4.1 General Variation
      4.2 Regional Variation
      4.3 Review Questions

      5. The English Language: Nativization and Global Dominance
      5.1 English and its spread
      5.2 Population as a Factor
      5.3 Population and other Languages
      5.4 Synthesis
      5.5 Review Questions

      6. English Usage in Nigeria: A Historical Sketch
      6.1 The Period of "Broken" English
      6.2 Practical Problems
      6.3 The Emergence of Recognizable Standards in Nigeria
      6.4 English at the Post-Secondary Level in Nigeria
      6.5 Recent Events in the History
      6.6 Synopsis
      6.7 Review Questions

      7. Nigerian English: A Re-Assessment
      7.1 An Overview
      7.2 Nigerian English: Its Reality
      7.3 Conclusion
      7.4 Review Questions

      8. Varieties of Spoken and Written Nigerian English
      8.1 Isolating the Varieties: Spoken
      8.2 The Segmental Features
      8.3 Nonsegmental Features

Issues in Nigeria English Usage deals with the nature, the forms and the functions of one of the new Englishes—Nigerian English.

This book takes the form of a survey and begin with the global motivation of nonnative Englishes and attempt an organized discussion of matters-peripheral and central — relating to English within the Nigerian environment. It is write in a down-to-earth fashion to serve the needs of the beginner in this field of study and to be a steppingstone for higher investigations for the advanced student. Students in universities, polytechnics and colleges of education will find the book useful.

For those in departments of English, Linguistics, communication Arts, theatre Arts and ' education the book promises to be invaluable. The general reader will find some of the terms in its both exciting and rewarding.

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